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Who are we ?

The Institution of Engineering Designers U.K. was established in 1945.  It is a professional body for designers who operate in widely diverse areas of design practice. The Malta Branch started to operate on 28th June 1978 with 21 members. The late Mr. K.J. Wilcocks F.I.E.D. was the first branch secretary and Mr. O. Cardona F.I.E.D. together with Mr. A. Darmenia Gay M.I.E.D. were the first members of the I.E.D. committee. From January 2001 to March 2010, Prof. Ing. Jonathan C. Borg B.Mech.Eng.(Hons.),M.Sc.(Strath.),Ph.D.(Strath.),M.I.E.D., I.Eng acted as the regional coordinator of the IED Malta branch. At present Dr. Ing. Philip Farrugia B.Eng.(Hons), Ph.D., MIED holds this post.    The Malta Branch strives to promote professional design practice by annually organizing a number of technical and social activities for its members.


We are the Malta’s only professional body representing those working in the field of Engineering Design. Our members work in a diverse range of industries that span product design, architecture, mechanical, automotive and aircraft design, design education, IT and computing.Our aim at all times is to inspire, support and achieve


So why should you join the IED ?

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